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World Literature 10

Course Description:  The Honors Literature 10 (year-long) course is aligned to College and Career Ready Standards and designed for the student who is capable of comprehending texts of significant depth and breadth of content. This course not only provides an in-depth study of complex texts including fiction, nonfiction, drama, and poetry, but also requires superior performance on consistently challenging writing tasks. Writing will include reports, essays, and critical and creative responses to text. Students will engage in extensive research, creative projects and group presentations. 

Students will also be required to do extensive reading and writing outside of class as well as in the classroom.    

Textbook -  "Collections"  --  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Collections, Grade 10


Scope & Sequence 

Course Objectives: Upon completion of the Honors World History and Literature course, students should be able to:
  • Analyze the historical development of major world problems.
  • Analyze a wide spectrum of world literature.
  • Interpret the impact of major historical events on the literature of various periods.
  • Evaluate the impact of major personalities on world history.
  • Write formal compositions that analyze, interpret, and evaluate literature, essays, speeches, commentaries, and news reports.
  • Compare and contrast the development of culture, science and technology, economics, and government throughout the world.
  • Make and critique formal and informal oral presentations.
Honors Literature - World History  Grade 10  is distinguished from English 10 in the quality and quantity of the work expected, as well as the increased interest and effort an honors student contributes to all areas of English.  Emphasis will be placed on literary analysis, expository writing in the evaluation and analysis of pieces of literature, developing both writing and critical thinking skills, etc...  In addition to the literature required within the Honors class, the students will be required to read independently several additional books/novels selected from a specific list as supplemental reading.  The Honors student is expected to be self-motivated and self-directed and to improve upon these already established skills. The Honors student is expected to be enrolled in the A.P. World History course.
Textbook -  "Collections"  --  Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt , Copyright 2017
               Students will also be using the APWH textbook for additional literature. 



Opening:               Standards / Objectives - 

               Key Question(s):

Work Session:       Assignment / Monitoring - 


Closing:                 Clarification / Mastery - 


Grading Policy
* Daily = 50%  -  Classwork & Homework
        Reading worksheets,  pre-writing organizers and drafts, binders grades,  etc...
* Test  = 50%  -    Quizes, formal Tests, Book Reviews, Final Copy Essay 
     Subject to change on special projects.
* Weighted percentage of totals.
Expect two hours of homework for each class period.
Contact me if you have any concerns or need immediate assistance.  
Doc Holley
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