Doc Holley's - Academic Services
Professional & Technical Writing
In today's world rapidly chaining world, globalization, communication and the spread of information are the major driving forces.  
Great opportunities await those with skills in professional and technical writing, particularly in English, the international language for business and aviation. 
Doc Holley's   Global Academic Services   provides direction in all aspects of the development of professional and technical writing skills
 I personally will assist you individually and / or larger organizations with the initial development or enhancement of professional and technical writing skills including, but not limited to, the following areas of written communication: 
General Strategies for the Writing Process
Generating Ideas
Identifying Audiences and Purposes
Constructing Arguments
 Stating Problems
Drafting and Word Processing
Testing and Revising Visual Elements
 Selecting Visual Elements
Creating Visual Elements with Specific Applications
 Resumes and Job Letters
 The Business Letters
 Basic Features of Reports
Memos, Short Informal Reports, and Progress Reports
Feasibility Reports
Long Reports
 Instructions, Procedures, and Computer Documentation
Theses and Journal Articles
Oral Presentations
Meetings and Negotiation Readability
Readability: General Principles
 Writing Paragraphs
 Using Parallelism
Maintaining Focus
Creating Flow between Sentences
Editing for Emphasis
Choosing Appropriate Words
Proofreading: Review of the Grammar, Style, and Vocabulary Building
 Indefinite Articles
The Definite Article
Modal Verbs
Relative Clauses
Noun Compounds
Vocabulary Building
Informal Conversational Expressions
Advanced Punctuation, Grammar, and Style
Special Focus:   Advanced Rhetorical Strategies
Contact me directly for a confidential conversation on your needs.  I will work with you on any level to meet your needs and ensure your success and / or your organization's success.   
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