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Scholastic Aptitude Test
Taking the S.A.T. can be a stressful time for most students. BUT, it does not have to be so! 
In fact, it should be a happy time for you to proudly and confidently demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and skills. 
The following information is research-based, time-proven and highly beneficial for all levels of students.  It gives you the big picture and enough of the details to help you do your best.
However, there is no substitute for direct instruction from a content specialist.  So, if you have any specific needs or academic requests...just let me know.  I will do all I can for you.  
Be sure to check back regulary for the latest updates to the power point presentations listed below:
Much of the Writing Skills section of the test involves knowing how to properly combine sentences.  Here is a power point presentation with additional information on that skill:   Learning How to Combine Sentences - Click Here!
Good luck and if you please, after your test, let me know what specifically of the above information helped you the most and what else may be added to help future test takers.
Doc Holley
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