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       Language Arts     Grade 11
Course Description  
As prescribed by DoDEA, "This course is designed to facilitate student mastery of the DoDEA standards and essential objectives of the parallel general education course. Accommodations and modifications in content, instructional activities, evaluative techniques and essential objectives are implemented as appropriate for students with disabilities in support of their Individualized Education Programs (IEP)."
Major Concepts/Content:  
The Language Arts 11 course is designed to strengthen students’ skills in listening, speaking, writing, literature, and language. The content includes, but is not limited to, developing an increasingly comprehensive vocabulary in conversation and discussion; developing small group and large group discussion skills; inferring conclusions from a series of oral statements; respecting the presence of dialects and regional variations in speech; writing essays responding to social, political, and literary concepts; writing resumes; writing compositions of more than one paragraph using narration, exposition, and/ or description; developing individual criteria for the aesthetic appreciation of literature; recognizing and understanding the use of literary and stylistic devices; dramatizing literature; experiencing a wide range of literary works written in the United States by writers from the major ethnic groups in the U.S. population, including both classic and modern works; using the media center research facilities; and reading self-selected books to help students learn to view reading as a useful and pleasurable activity.  
Major Instructional Activities:  
Instructional activities will be provided in a general classroom setting, in the media center and in the school and community environment. Student activities will include, but will not be limited to, writing journals or learning logs; writing essays responding to social, political, and literary concepts; writing essays responding to social, political and literary concepts; writing essays using narration, exposition, and/or description; writing resumes and letters of application; responding to each other’s writing with helpful suggestions for revision; taking several pieces of writing through a process that includes prewriting activities, drafting, peer response, revision, proofreading for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and usage, and publishing; practicing writing from different points of view for different audiences; developing speaking and listening skills by responding to literature and to each other’s writing, and by participating in small and large group discussions and in oral presentations, individual recitations, and dramatizations; studying appropriate major works of literature of the United States intensively in class; reading, viewing, and listening independently to examples of the various genres of literature and responding to that literature; presenting interpretations of literature orally; reading several self-selected books and responding to them in journal entries, letters, group discussions, or oral or written book reports; and increasing vocabulary through the study of words encountered in reading and through work with the dictionary and the thesaurus. 
Major Evaluative Techniques:  
Students will be evaluated for class participation; completion of reading assignments and book reporting requirements; comprehension of literature as measured by objective, essay, and/or oral examinations; and improvement in written composition and oral presentations with major emphasis on content, organization, coherence, use of evidence and argument, and with secondary emphasis on skill growth in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar and usage.
Elements of Literature -5th Course
E of L Grammar Handbook  5th
E of L Workbook-  Fifth Course
The overall design and goals of the textbooks are to produce reading, writing, listening  and speaking skills
•   The arrangement is thematic and skill based
•   Readings progress from simple to complex
•   A variety of discourse is evident, narratives,  persuasion,  expository and   argumentative
•   A Table of Contents organizes by theme/issue
•   Content questions focus on grammar, spelling, vocabulary, prose  and poetry
OUTSIDE Required readings:   To be determined.
Novels:    To Be Determined
Grading Policy:
Daily = 50%  -    Classwork & Homework
Test  = 50%  -   Subject to change on special projects.
Lang. Arts Grade 11 Course: Expect at least one hour of homework for each class period.
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