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English as a Second Language
Course Description 
Through guided English language instruction, the ESL student works toward attainment of English proficiency standards and goals, achievement and realization of long term personal, social, and economic success in an English speaking society.
1.    Use English to communicate effectively in a social setting.
     a. Use English to participate in social interaction;
        b. Interact in, through, and with spoken and written English for personal   expression and enjoyment
        c. Use learning strategies to extend communicative competence.
2.    Use English to achieve academic standards in all content areas.
     a. Use English to interact in the classroom
        b. Use English to obtain, process, construct, and provide subject matter information in spoken and written form
        c. Use appropriate learning strategies to construct and apply academic knowledge.
3.    Use English socially and in culturally appropriate ways.
     a. Choose appropriate language variety, register, and genre according to audience, purpose and setting
        b. Vary non-verbal communication according to audience, purpose and setting
        c. Use appropriate learning strategies to extend their social-linguistic and social-cultural competence.
Grading Policy
Daily = 50%  -   Classwork & Homework
Test  = 50%  -  Subject to change on special projects.
ESL Course:    Expect one hour of homework for each class period.
For specific 2013 - 2014 class information, click on the link to the left titled  ESL Aides + Assignments
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