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For an introduction to the basic standards that drive the learning and assessment activities in the courses:   

  CCR Standards

      Anchor -     Reading & Writing

      Literacy -    Social Studies / Reading & Writing 

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  CCR Standards 
     Anchor -   Language  /    Reading   /    Writing

    CCR Standards
      ELA -     Writing & Reading       &       Literacy  - Writing   

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Over the past several years in the field of education,    
 ...  standards in general, and specifically the "Common Core State Standards," have generated much discussion.   The discussion has not been without some provocative and controversial topics.  Although there appears to be many educators in favor of universal adoption of these standards, some educators are not totally on board with that idea.  Moreover, many educators have varying ideas how the standards should be used within the educational setting. 
Whether or not an educator determines to utilize some or all of the common core standards will most likely be driven by the institution/organization for which he/she works. 
However, that is not the point here.  Perhaps the most important thing for average learners (students and parents) to remember is that   ALL standards are NOT curriculum.   Perhaps most importantly, within the curriculum itself, educators create, develop and utilize learning activities, instructional strategies and various forms of assessment to ensure the individual learners master the prescribed content and skills.  Nonetheless, knowing what the common core standards are and are not is important for anyone in the process of learning or teaching.
Doc Holley's Global Academic Services uses college and career readiness standards in conjunction with the development of learning goals and objectives whenever possible.  There are certain advantages for educators and learners within the larger framework of education when using common  standards.  It is important to build upon a learning foundation, to know what should be mastered and at what level in a person's academic life.  The common standards at the very least provides that type of vertical alignment of knowledge and skills.  As long as common standards are a major force within the field of education, Doc Holley's Global Academic Services will continue to use the standards to ensure learners are prepared for advanced education, college and careers.

 With a better understanding of what the common core standards are...and are is now time to move to the next step... the CURRICULUM !


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