Doc Holley's - Academic Services
Curriculum Development
In today's rapidly changing world, challenges to success come in many forms; yet, these challenges can be turned into opportunities with proper education and training.
Doc Holley's  Global Academic Services  offers professional, experienced direction in all phases of curriculum development for academic institutions and business related organizations.
From the creation of a learning/training program to meet your individual, specific needs ... to the full implementation of an existing curriculum program in a large organization, nothing is too large or too small when it comes to ensuring success.
Doc Holleywill help you in the following areas:
Conceptualizing the Curriculum
Contemporary Designs and Initial Planning
Planning and Systematic Decision Making
Gathering the Data
Strategies of Establishing the Content
Deciding on the Content
Forming Specific Learning Goals and Objectives
Implementing the Curriculum / Instructional Strategies
Identifying or Developing Curriculum Materials
Making "Real-World" Connections & Applications
Systemic & Individual Assessments
Contact me directly for a confidential conversation on your needs.  I will work with you on any level to meet your needs and ensure your or your organization's success.   
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